Pediatric Dentist in Castro Valley, CA - Shervin Yazdi, DDS and Associates
Pediatric Dentist in Castro Valley, CA - Shervin Yazdi, DDS and Associates


Before  After 
(All treatment below provided by Dr. Yazdi)  
Before ~ incipient (small early) decay After ~ small white filling

resurfacing after mild but wide decay area  

Primary first molar decay after

Brown spots on permanent front teeth micro abrasion
direct composite veneers

 Top of back tooth


Back of front tooth

massive plaque build up disclosing 'red' tablet
immediate cleaning

failed sealant has decay restored with white filling

old leaky sealant and decay restored

premolar mild decay

a challenging decay on primary tooth normally needing crown restored

Frenectomy 2 pre-op lateral Frenectomy 3 immediate post-op
Frenectomy 4 immediate post-op close-up

decay on molar after

Laser small cavity on permenant molar Laser dentistry

side groove decay side groove decay restored

Overly large decay on Primary molar Restored

Permanent molar with early decay after filling with a sealant over

Soft teeth re-surfaced

generalized decay inbetween after

Unusual prevalent but superficial groove pattern on permenant molar after Sealed

unusual wide but superficial decay after

first primary (baby) molar decay after

Second Premolar decay after

First Premolar decay after

Massive decay hidden Large hidden decay exposed

Wide but superficial decay lasered
acid etched restored

first baby molar restored

Primary first molar deep cavity pulp exposure pulp cleaning process
pulpotomy complete and lasered clean white filling being added

very groovy permanent molar + mild decay Restored

very FEW grooves + mild decay Restored

Hidden very large cavity Red decay finder
very deep now protective base material added
Final filling

very early groove decay permanent molar sealed

Before ~ Gumline decay on baby canine After ~ white filling

Primary second molar deep cavity + pulpotomy pulpotomy completed + Air abrasion cleaned
acid etched Rinse and dry
fill with white filling adjust bite, smooth and polish

Front tooth with large orange spot

Direct / immediate veneer (white filling)

leaky silver filling + mild decay white filling restored

permanent molar with leaky sealant laser decay removal

Before ~ mild decay permanent molar After ~ small white filling

severe dysplasia(weakness) and decay laser + some moderate decay now evident