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Infant Frenectomy Center is available to aid infant urgent need during  Covid-19 Pandemic. 



Dr. Yazdi has been performing laser frenum releases for about 25 years. Whether the reason for the frenum release is improved speech, improved eating, improved breathing, improved nursing, improved spacing of teeth, or many other reasons people seek improved function of their tongue and lips we are available to help you achieve those results. Currently we are only treating those that are the most in need of our services: the newborn up to 12 months of age. We do believe in a team approach that involves other health care providers to maximize possible benefits. Although we cannot promise you a cure, we do promise to provide an honest effort on your behalf.

We have included several FORMS and LINKS for your review to help familiarize you with our philosophy, policy and procedure:
For FRENECTOMY CONSULTATION and possible PROCEDURE please complete the Registration form below & THEN CALL THE OFFICE FOR AN APPOINTMENT: 510-538-2098.
AFTER CARE of infant frenectomy:
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Helpful Resources:
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