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My Experience With Ibuprofen

My Experience with Ibuprofen and Infants post-Tongue-Tie-Release

I agree! infants should not be given any medicines routinely; but if you deal with inflammation using a NONE-anti-inflammatory you may run into trouble; trouble may come by way of: Inflammation → pain → poor function → poor healing → poor function.

Kidney? Two instances of our patients having kidney reflux as a pre-existing condition, where the primary organ needed to deal with Ibuprofen was compromised; both instances the parents called their nephrologist (kidney specialist), both times their nephrologist advised it was OK to provide Ibuprofen judiciously.

Safety? Ibuprofen has a wide margin of safety especially if you are hydrated well (i.e. milk); unlike most medicines it is safe at higher doses due to its low toxicity and supreme effectiveness; which is why too many people abuse it by taking it daily and for decades, a very poor habit.

AAP Guideline? a fine general guideline that are to be applied to millions of people at a time; but, you are here for very specialized care tailored to you. There is nothing general about the equipment we provide, nothing general about the pre-operative screening your referring provider offered, nothing general about evolution of the care and expertise surrounding your baby today, nor the post-operative care we are advising. Ultimately you decide.

Labels? The Ibuprofen directions do NOT say not to give to under 6months of age; it does say to consult your doctor; we also believe that you should be consulting the right doctor; NOT consulting a "doctor of chemistry", not a "PHD in Tae Kwon Do" nor any other well meaning reputable trusted "doctor"; we strongly advise that you consult your "doctor of this exact surgery" responsible for this very incision.

Tummy? Any person big or small may not do well with any food or medicine ingested; do provide Ibuprofen BUT NOT on an empty stomach; give within 30min after nursing to provide a coating of milk on the stomach lining. If tummy issues do arise discontinue Ibuprofen. Still need pain control? use Tylenol. You may choose from the start to alternate use of Ibuprofen and Tylenol every 4 hours, giving Ibuprofen first. This way you are providing 50% less Tylenol and 25% less Ibuprofen if that makes you more comfortable as a parent. Per parent feedback, in recent months we found generally two doses of Ibuprofen does the job. Remember, if any issues arise stop giving it and the issues should go away; or call me directly on my cell telephone or emergency page me; we'll figure it out together.

iDream: a world full of competent Yoga instructors minimizing our society's dependency on Ibuprofen; that said we would like the best possible recovery for your baby based on comfort and maximum chance for best tongue function; pain will affect tongue function, function will affect healing; thus far everything we have experienced and learned point in the direction of minimal and judicious use of Ibuprofen.

-Shervin Yazdi, DDS

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